Let us explain...

What is twocans?

A new Alexa Skill.
Use your voice to book appointments, refill prescriptions, request referals, get results... Anytime, any doctor.
You speak, we deliver.
"Our voice is the oldest interface in the world, our first method to communicate with each other, and even with other animals." - Jeff Bezos
It is the next era of computing, just as the punch card, command line, mouse-and-keyboard graphical interface, and touch interface that came before it.

Twocans brings healthcare to Alexa.

Why twocans?

Mobile scheduling apps and patient portals are not designed for the patient. No app connects you to every doctor and each doctor has its own portal. This means multiple logins to connect with all of your family's doctors. Only twocans connects you to any doctor, anywhere.


one patient, one login

everyone else

one patient, many logins

How it works

No cost. No contracts. Always available. Secure.